Eyelash Extension Training

Salon Gianna partners up with southern California's original Eyelash Extension Company Luscious Lashes. Luscious Lashes has been in the Eyelash Extension industry since 2003. 

In our trainings you will learn the basics of Eyelash Extension applications, and the fundamentals of becoming a lash artist in todays industry. With our trainings being limited to 2 students per training, you are able to receive 1 on 1 instruction by our trainer so you can truly understand the skill of lashing, and push yourself to be Your best. You receive hands on technical practice and live model instruction, all while having a Lash Expert at your side. 

Each training comes with a manual that goes over everything you will need to know: from proper application, isolation, and lash growth to eye allergies, client consultation, and business marketing.. Every kit comes with enough product supply to get your Lash business started.  

Classic Extension Training


Volume Training


Have you already been trained for eyelash extensions, but feel as if you did not receive proper training? Come on in and receive proper instruction with the supplies you were given and get Luscious Lashes certified.


Call now to book your training. 

661.873.4635 or 949.878.8894

Deposit of 50% required to hold you day of training.

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